Some thoughts on MLK day..

The symptoms of great cruelty, injustice, and suffering in our society is reflective of a general population of people that to this day don’t fully understand who they really are. That don’t value or comprehend that we, after all, are all in this together. That don’t really know that everything we do (or say, or think, or feel!) affects every other being and vice-versa.

Consider this: what if the real you is not an isolated set of mechanical receptors within a brain trapped within this bag of skin and bones, entirely separate from the world around you?

What if what you call “you” is just an illusion?

And the real You extends far beyond your physical body to the space surrounding it? To the person sitting next to you, to every other “separate” person, animal, or thing you come across–into the entirety of experience that you get to enjoy for this brief, brief flash of time?

We have enough weapons. We have enough senseless violence. We have enough profitable corporations, celebration of material success, and wealth. We have enough divisive religions telling you you should feel bad, very bad. We have enough rational, cold intellect. We have enough gossip and small talk in our media. We have enough envy.

We are still desperately starving for love. For genuine kindness. For freedom from suffering. For more fairness and inclusiveness.

We are still desperately starving for an understanding of ourselves and a sense of belonging to the world that we feel so separate from.



On a crowded city street last night, a man accidentally spilled a very large bag full of cans and bottles he had been collecting for recycling. He looked distraught and embarrassed. It was amazing to see how fast people gathered around him to help him pick each one of them up.  It was as if the whole busy street had stopped what they were doing and helped.  He expressed a deep, sincere gratitude and continued on his way.

I see things like this all the time. Especially in New York, where people often complain about New Yorkers being rude or unkind.

It’s true that there is lots of good in the world, especially if you’re open to seeing it. It’s often happening while we’re busy focusing on all that is wrong.

Your perceptions reflect that which you focus on.

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Verizon Ad / Show with LAWSON / Veggie Co. Comp

“Summertime and the livin’s easy.” Hope you guys are having a great one! It’s been an insanely wild ride for us recently. Aside from joining forces with our heroes at Elfenworks and releasing our new EP, we’ve had some other awesome things come our way..

Our Verizon “Reality Check”

We got a lot of messages from y’all asking us if you recently saw us on TV. Yep, that’s us! We were just featured in the latest national ad from Verizon. You can check it out here:


We JUST confirmed a show with Lawson that we’re super stoked about. You can see the event page here. And grab your tix here. Everyone who purchases a ticket will get a limited edition physical copy of our new EP, “Light.”

Veggie Co. Records Compilation

We are truly honored to be part of an incredible new compilation from our friends at Veggie Co. Records. It has so many amazing bands on it that we can’t stop listening to this comp. Reminds us of the old-school Epitaph / Fat Wreck Chords / Drive-Thru compilations we adored so much growing up. Best part: it’s only $2  for 14 tracks from killer bands. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! Listen here:


  • Andrew Jonathan Bondarev says:

    You’re singing with Lawson? That’s awesome!!!! I love AMW!!!! Can’t to come there!!!

  • Andrew Jonathan Bondarev says:

    I mean I can’t wait to come there!!!